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Conservation & Sustainable Uses of Community Natural Resources

REDS offers direct technical assistance in conservation farming (CF) a component of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies, that improves productivity and mitigate climate change effects for smallholder farmers. What is Conservation Farming Link

Improved Agricultural Practices & Food Security

REDS promotes good agriculture practices (GAP) that increase yield and efficient use of inputs through technology observation plots and; offers training in post-harvest handling technologies for the benefit of the farmer households.

Farmer Group Development

REDS trains and advises smallholder farmers to form producer organisations (POs) to identify, enter and stay competitive in the agricultural sector. REDS establishes strong POs that have organizational power and institutional participation with structures and systems that foster greater farmer knowledge to become active partners in agricultural productivity initiatives and produce marketing systems.

Developing and Strengthening Farmer-to-Farmer Extension Systems

REDS extension system involves a system of village-based training that enables participating farmers develop practical skills vital for replicating and adopting technologies on their own fields. REDS strengthens voluntary community based extension systems of lead farmers that employ multiple training and skills development methods to enable effective skills development among trainees for sustainability.

Marketing linkages for Rural Enterprises and Farmer Groups

REDS provides technical assistance to POs to establish secondary tier structures for bulk marketing activities and bulk input purchases to benefit from the economies of scale and link them to output and input markets.

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