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Conservation Farming a Beacon of Hope

Kitavujja Haruna, started CF Hoe basins in 2013. Before CF, it would take him at least 2 days to prepare his rented field of 0.4Ha, and would only realize a maize yield of 0.7tons per season to support his family. To make matters worse, the weed pressure was too much, that his children had to help weed and they ended up missing school.

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Kella Obero resides in Bed Lwolo village, Abako Sub County in Lira district (Northern Region). She learnt about CF-ADP Min till in 2012A season but was unyielding to try it out, until 2012B when she planted 1.2Ha of sorghum and realized 1.2tons compared to 0.6 tons she was getting before. Kella grows sorghum, soybean, maize and sunflower under CF. She is a very hard working farmer who confessed that she has realized better yields more than double what she used to get under conventional tillage.

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Sendawula had decided to quit growing maize as he “could make nothing out of it”. He vowed to try one more time after attending a REDS CF training session in May 2013 and viewing a demonstration plot. Sendawula’s first maize harvest in 2013B season was so huge that he was not sure how he could store it. He told REDS that his cost of production was US Cents 4 /kg and could sell this for US cents 13/kg.

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CF thrives in areas with Adverse Rainfall
John Nyende resides in Kamuge Station A village, Kamuge Sub-county Pallisa (Eastern Region), a district with poor soils and limited rainfall – (see table below). He tilled his land for more than 10 years from which he consistently got very low yields and at times lost the whole crop to drought even when he used fertilizers. He declared his land unproductive and infertile.

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