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“Even if the project ends now, I have the capacity to sustain myself, I am now rich and I will continue practicing the CF Hoe technology”. Mupanda of Kasese district (South Western Region) is a very happy man because he has earned respect from the community for being a skilled CF Trainer and a CF advocate on radio, reaching out to the masses in his area.

Mupanda a Depot Committee Extensionist (DCE) was invited with his group to attend CF training by a REDS Field Officer (FO) in 2011. His village is in a hilly area where soil erosion is a problem. During the training the issue of CF controlling soil erosion with crop residue retention and min-till practice captured his attention and it compelled him to try out the technology. He started with 0.1Ha of maize and was amazed by the reduced soil runoff and the 0.3ton harvest of maize compared to 0.1ton he used to get before. The combination of controlling soil erosion and increased yield drove him to open up 0.4Ha of CF in the following season and was also convinced to use herbicide . Weeding was one of the farming activities that bothered him and his family members for they had to wake up very early and spend hours digging out the weeds furthering soil disturbance. He believes the crop yields were very low due to lots of weeds. “My wife and children used to complain about the hard labour. It was not easy and was tiresome.“

“Words cannot express how CF has made a difference in our daily lives”. I no longer physically put a lot of effort in managing gardens including my coffee plantation, I use my money earned from CF crop yields to buy herbicides and pay for labour to spray and time for land preparation is much less. Mupanda has completed his residential house which he had failed to roof. Over the years Mupanda has realized that even without fertilizers the soil is rejuvenated as evidenced by the controlled soil erosion and the subsequent high yields. He declares proudly that his wife doesn’t have to spend all her time in the fields anymore and no longer sees her with muddy feet and is healthier. Mupanda is content with his acreage of 1Ha under CF.

Working under contract with donor agencies, government agencies, local and international NGOs, and other development agencies, we design and implement agricultural development interventions in various parts of Uganda.

We offer management, technical, training and advisory services in the agricultural sector. Our technical practices include agricultural enterprise development, agricultural production development, environmental management and farmer institutional development.

Working at REDS Ltd is about making a difference in other people’s lives and seeing the impact translate into improved agricultural productivity and food security across Uganda. We are a diverse group who provide technical expertise, capacity building, strategic communications, and performance monitoring to professionally acceptable standards.


At REDS our standards of business conduct include a process for sound decision making, standards of professionalism and integrity which all must follow. The standards apply to all employees, consultants, authorized representatives, and all others acting on the company’s behalf.

Whether in our head office in Kampala, or in countryside fields, REDS strive to meet the needs of our clients and serve our beneficiaries. We apply our skills and knowledge to our work and are open to learning new approaches, capturing new ideas and sharing them.

By applying our mission and values to everything we do, we create an enabling environment that embodies caring and respect for others, open communications, dynamic teamwork, efficient project management, and solid technical practice areas in which we continuously discuss ways to add value and advance our profession.

Leadership, versatility, and integrity are the three main characteristics of our professionals. Through continuous learning, innovation, and professional growth and development, our employees are able to shape the future of our business.

Excellence – We aspire for excellence in our work and ourselves

Innovation – We are creative learning professionals who innovate and share knowledge

Integrity - We prize honesty, respect and trust in our relationships

Opportunity – We build an environment where enterprise, initiative, opportunity and teamwork abound

Compassionate - We care about making a meaningful change in the communities we serve

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