Rural Enterprise Development Solutions

About us

We provide services to rural farmers

Rural Enterprise Development Solutions (REDS) is a Ugandan organization that promotes smallholder farmers to be more efficient and more productive in agriculture. Established in 2008, REDS trains, advises and guides smallholder farmers to adopt better farmer practices, improve productivity through application of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies that are alternative options to enable climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition we promote farmer group development & institution building; develop and strengthen farmer-to-farmer extension systems

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Farmers Trained

51% are women in over 30 districts of Uganda


Youth & Women engaged in gainful employment

As service providers for minimum tillage, spraying service, traders, agri-input stockists


Farmer Organisations Mentored

Small and medium rural-based farmer organisations mentored to develop and become anchored in farming as a business


Adopted CF Min-Till

Government-owned state farms have fully adopted CF Min-Till Mechanized as a result of REDS collaboration


Our Team

Meet Our Team

Edward Gitta

An Agricultural Economist and Rural Enterprise Development professional with over 18 years of experience...

George Kaweesi

A Development Specialist with an agricultural background

Rose Kyeyune

Rose Kyeyune is a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist. With over 20 years’ experience in public and private sector in areas of agricultural development.


As the Financial Manager for REDS with over 9 years’ experience in financial management, in charge of the finance and accounting systems,


She doubles as the Administrative Assistant and Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant with an experience of 10 years.


As an Administrator with over 25 years’ experience that cuts across program management, office operations and human resource management.

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