Rural Enterprise Development Solutions

Prossy Nalusiba had never dreamt of owning land or a house. Nalusiba with her husband Sekyanzi Deogratius were first sand quarry miners, then casual labourers for conventional tillage. With their six children, they lived in a one-roomed grass-thatched house with a meagre income.

They attended REDS training in CF hoe basin digging in early 2012 with the notion to provide the service to others since they did not own any land. At the start of the second season of 2012, they were contracted by 10 farmers with a total of 50 acres to till at a cost of US$32 per acre, and that is how the change in their lives began. With the money earned they bought a piece of land 100ft by 30ft at a cost of US$1,200.

By the first season of 2013, around 30 farmers had reached out to them, requesting hoe tillage and planting services, they asked their sister and brother to join them to form a team of hoe tillage and planting services; they now offer their services to over 40 farmers with an aggregate of 200 acres.

Prossy Nalusiba beams with joy as she narrates how far they have come and how grateful they are for the CA technologies that have become a source of livelihood for labourers like them.

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