Rural Enterprise Development Solutions

Susan Ojok did not own an input shop but used to deliver agro-inputs to different sub-counties in Lira district on behalf of the National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS). She did not have any knowledge about agro-inputs and could not advise farmers.

Susan attended REDS training for agro-input dealers in early 2012 hoping to provide the service to farmers. With the extensive knowledge gained on modern inputs, business management, market linkages with farmers and market information and access; Susan decided to work with the REDS field team in Northern Uganda to supply farmers genuine agro-inputs. She rented a shop and put a small stock of seed and herbicides. By the first season of 2013, she had established herself as a genuine input dealer and many farmers started buying from her shop.

By August 2014 her inputs stock was worth over US$10,000 and she hired 2 assistants, had them trained so as to advise farmers on the use and application of the different inputs.

Susan Ojok owes her achievement to REDS training and linkages to farmers for her business growth.

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